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Road of the Patriarch

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Road of the Patriarch

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Информация об издании:

ISBN 0786942770
Автор книги R.A. Salvatore
Издательство Wizards of the Coast
Год издания 2005
Язык Английский
Количество страниц 384

Аннотация к книге:

Explore the mind of an assassin in R.A. Salvatore's exciting conclusion to The Sellswords Trilogy! The drow mercenary Jarlaxle and his companion, the human assassin Artemis Entreri, have begun to make a home for themselves in the rugged Bloodstone Lands. But not everyone is ready to trust a man who's spent his life killing for coin, much less a member of a race of subterranean elves known for their fanatical devotion to a demon goddess. If they want to make it out of the Bloodstone Lands alive, they'll have

АвторR.A. Salvatore, другие книги: